Modern Couples 2024 Success Bundle


This Bundle is rich! From Self-coaching, to seasonal inspiration, journaling and breathwork. Gain Focus, Clarity, Support, emotional stability, and more…  A wholistic approach for you as a couple #strongertogether.


This is your curated collection of Modern couples most favorite coaching tools and companions throughout the year.

What’s included?

  • timeless favorite online course “Rechage & Glow”, 5 days to empower you for the new year
  • Conscious Relating Masterclass – from love to business, exploring and alchemizing polarity in your life
  • Breathwork Bundle – the signature introductury course to 5D Breathwork with Marcella. Combining Breathwork with relationshipskills, this course helps you hold emotional space for yourself and ultimately others. *read the contraindications as well as the introductions on creating a safe space for you*
  • “in love with the stars” is your monthly companion with couples rituals and tuning in with natures cycle and energies
  • Journaling Prompts for monthly and seasonal reflections as a couple #strongertogether
  • Emotionstracker “Grow to what you go through” train your awareness around your emotions, follow your passion and unleash your subconscious
  • Film List: my current favorites to watch individually or together – this is a list that continuously evolves, please share your favorites with me @moderncouplescoaching

This Bundle is rich! A wholistic approach for the year and you as a couple, you can continuously adapt it year after year and see yourself grow #strongertogether.

All courses are targeted for entrepreneurs, founders and businessowners, however, every couple and being can work and embrace these tools.

I look forward to hearing from you how the journey unfolds.

*please note, as the website and products continuously evolve and adapt (to a modern zeitgeist) you are adviced to download and access all within one-year.*