Relationship, Love & Heart Coaching

The Quality of your relationship(s) build the foundations to everything you build in life!

 *Yet most of us invest more into our career skills than our relationship skills.


Here for you, if you want to:

*these are some examples of common requests for a coaching. I support you wholistically in your relationship journey, as single and couples. // Coaching in English or German.

improve your current love relationship

Be the couple where everyone thinks and says “I want to have what they have”. The world is yearning for more modern couples as rolemodels and advocats for deep love and commitment.

It’s going well and you want to deepen your connection and lear cutting-edge ninja-move relationship skills and tools that uplevel you as visionary power couple.

Maybe you are newly in love thinking “this time I want to get it right” or as couple you are ready for a new chapter together (children, wedding, starting a business, …)

less conflicts, more intimacy

I love you but… the amount and time we put into arguments is frustrating, overwhelming, hurtful, … Let’s do something about it.

I got you! 

Learn the art of conscious fighting and to differentiate between drama and conflict. How to deeper connect through these opportunities, instead of draining in energy.


better understand your unique relationship blueprint

You are unique! And the world needs you in your radiance and power. Wether you are in a relationship or not, you will better understand your unique relationship patterns, wounds, desires, wants, quirks, crazies, kinks, boundaries, … and how to safely communicate them while taking the other person along and being aware of the differences.

This helps you in all areas of life – from love to business, especially with family and friends.

We are living in a world where often times the assumption is we are standardized beings, leading to a lot of missunderstandings and conflicts. This is your manual to create the relationships you truly desire.

support during heart-ache and/or “uncoupling in grace”

Do you still feel past break-up stories, wounds and ghosts lingering? This is such a critical moment in a humans life and I am here for you, to heal that wound and grow your heart stronger and more expansive than ever, you deserve to love and be loved.


Are you in this place where you don’t know “should I stay or should I go?” (SISOSIG) Here to help you, why not learn more cutting edge relationship technology in this relationship, what if this is an opportunity for growth?!


You are going through a process & time of uncoupling and want support, individually or as couple. Here for you!


What if this moment is an opportunity for GROWTH?!

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