modern couples

by Marcella Anna Brebaum

From agile leadership coach in international organizations, to guiding and supporting modern and entrepreneurial couples to thrive and feel #strongertogether.

Its time for a new Zeitgeist in relationships, it’s time to go deeper and to invest in our skills of relating.

How your relate is the foundation of everything.

Our relationships, starting with the relation to our self, and then with our loved ones influence all areas of life!

The idea behind Modern Couples is based on my own journey, my own life and a very special need: to find a coach that can understand a modern couple mindset! A mindset that is growth, purpose and solution oriented – most of the time.


Modern Couples was born to inspire and coach modern and entrepreneurial couples. Guiding purpose-oriented women and men towards consciously relating in all areas and phases of life.

Mixing approaches inspired from systemic and agile coaching with polarity, tantra and numerous other teachings transforming on a cell and subconscious level.

With Modern Couples, I want to give couples positive, joyful and empowering coaching that adapts to the lifestyle and challenges and helps to make dreams possible and true!