modern couples

by Marcella Anna Brebaum

From agile leadership coach in international organizations, to guiding and supporting individuals and modern couples to thrive in their most imporant areas of life.

Its time for a new Zeitgeist in relationships, it’s time to go deeper and to invest in our skills of relating.

Your ability to relate, hold space, and interact is the foundation to everything that you build in life – from love to business and beyond.

The idea behind Modern Couples is based on my own journey, my own life and a very special need: to find a coach that can understand a modern couple mindset! A mindset that is growth, purpose and solution oriented.


Modern Couples was born to inspire and coach modern and entrepreneurial couples. Guiding purpose-oriented women and men towards consciously relating in all areas and phases of life.

Mixing approaches inspired from systemic and agile coaching with polarity, tantra and numerous other teachings transforming on a cell and subconscious level.

With Modern Couples, I want to give couples positive, joyful and empowering coaching that adapts to the lifestyle and challenges and helps to make dreams possible and true!


Bekannt aus

Healing my own relations

In my TEDx talk I share one of my essential and defining moments where I got to put all my tools to practice. A break-up that lead me down into the depth of my own relationship wounds and called me to rise to the occasion.  Creating a graceful conscious uncoupling experience for both of us and many that have been inspired since then.

Conscious relating came into my life as an inner answer to the many questions and challenges I faced since early on in life about how to better communicate, trust, belonging and collaboration.

There is a saying that the soul carefully chose a home and family for experiences with plenty of opportunities to grow and heal.

My own journey of relating and growth is ever unfolding and I am here for all the flavors of life, for the full spectrum that my everyday interactions and especially the significant relationships offer.

p.s. Teaching relationship skills, doesn’t mean that these  relations are all harmonious and “good vibes only”, no. I like the term of describing them as alive, engaging, supportive, and I purposefully make time and space for challenging times, the process, experience and integration together.


Discovery Call

Wir tragen alle unsere eigene Geschichte, eigenen Erfahrungen, Blueprint mit und in uns. Manchmal geht es einfach nur darum sich gehört und gesehen zu fühlen.

In der Zeit in der wir leben, mit den Herausforderungen im Innen wie im Außen… komme ich immer wieder zu dem Entschluss: keine Zeit für schlechte Beziehungen! Ich, wir und die Welt braucht uns in unserem vollen menschlichen Potenzial. Und als Menschen, sind wir sociale Wesen, uns auf einander Beziehen und in Beziehung leben ist was uns ausmacht. Wann hast du das letzte Mal in deine Beziehungsfertigkeit investiert und was willst du wirklich in deiner Beziehung?