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entrepreneurial couples thriving in business and private life

Learn to surf the waves of life better together, strengthened and relaxed.  

Modern Couples stands for a new Zeitgeist in relationships and is aimed at entrepreneurial couples or so to say couples who run a business, together or separately. 


As a purpose-oriented couple with an entrepreneurial heart- and mindset, you will experience your own unique challenges and opportunities. To take full advantage of the highs and learn from the lows, you are looking for coaching where personal life and business are thought together - with a coach who shares your mindset and know your lifestyle. 


Discover what it is like when love (instead of fear) guides you and becomes your guiding principle – like a compass in everything you do, think and feel. Experience how it positively affects your decisions, encounters and conflict situations. 


Enrich your life and relationships through more meaning and strengthen your partnership by supporting each other on shared and individual paths, feeling empowered in everything you do. 


Do you like personal development? Are you a curious person? Use your inner joy of learning and unleash your growth potential. Experience how what you learn has a positive impact on your private life as well as your business. Let’s grow together!


Love Wins – new relationships for new times

Are you curious about the world of relationships and want to learn more? Success in business and in relationships – is it possible to have both?  

Well, Time and energy become the most important resources. Effective communication and a solid relationship foundation, among the most significant pillars on which your everyday life is built. Challenging? Perhaps. Doable? Definitely! No cutting corners but actively looking for solutions. You will learn methods to find answers for your individual challenges and way of life, accompanied by exclusive coaching.


Love Wins Coaching

Powerful, authentic love and fulfilling relationships begin with love for yourself. In the Deep Dive you dissolve obstructive beliefs, overcome fears and create exactly the relationships you want for your life. Explore. Self Love. Reconnect. 

Stronger Together Coaching

Coaching for couples with an entrepreneurial mind and heart set who want a thriving life! Learn together how to better deal with challenges and conflicts and how to use the opportunities that life as an entrepreneurial love couple offers. Balance. Level Up. Love more. 

Hooked? Want to find out more? Book your free discovery call now.  

“You can’t stop
the waves of life, but you can
learn how to surf”



No dusty approaches to couples therapy. Do you know the frustrating feeling when your therapist, coach or counselor just doesn't get you, your life and your mindset? Modern Couples stands for a new Zeitgeist, inspired by the spirit of Gen Y-Z, as well as agile methods that always invite experimentation and continuous development. 


Easy to integrate, even into a busy or demanding lifestyle. - Our coaching takes place online. And if you prefer evening, or weekend calls that is possible as well as instant support via voice message. You can start your coaching journey from anywhere in the world. Learn at your own pace, independent of time and place, in line with a modern lifestyle. 


Self-development can be joyful and happen with ease. With curiosity and a growth mindset, even a deep dive can become fascinating and enjoyable. As such, a so-called problem can quickly turn into an opportunity that brings new insights, ideas and thereby lightness and acceptance. 



That combination is a unique challenge that requires a lot of experience and empathy. I understand your path, because I have walked in your shoes myself. I offer you the coaching I would have wished for myself back then. 


Couple Emergency

Are you losing time and energy when tension arises? Download these free Couple Emergency Tips, which have already helped numerous couples. Simply sign up for the Modern Couples Newsletter, where you will receive regular updates on the podcast, new products and current events.



Let´s dive into unknown water

Let´s connect


There are 2 different Journeys and you can either take the ride alone or with your spouse. The Journeys consist of online coaching sessions with individual content from systemic and agile coaching. I choose the methods for you that offer exclusive solutions for your challenge and needs. We use different media and formats. In addition to live online coaching sessions, there are videos, audio formats and a workbook with tasks that you will complete in self-learning. In the couples journey, we also have 1:1 sessions. 

You know your partner best. If you think she/he is open to Modern Couples, then simply show her/him the website and book the free discovery call to find out more. Or if you think she/he might be skeptical, keep in mind that everyone should go into coaching voluntarily. Different speeds and needs are quite normal. We can discuss what your possibilities are in a 1:1 meeting. If you just want to get started for yourself and see or experience how it affects your relationship life, then book a 1:1 Love Wins Coaching. When your significant other notices the positive effects for you, she or he may become curious and want to join in. This is the easiest way to show him or her the incredible potential that can be unlocked through personal development and upgrading relationship skills. 

With Stronger Together, you are approached together as a couple and can best initiate change. But you can also start with the 1:1 Love Wins Coaching. 

Yes, and you can also find out about live events and retreats online.

No, the only prerequisites are that you are curiosity about developing relationship skills, learning about love and having a desire to move forward. Love Wins is your program. 

With the 1:2 Stronger Together Coaching, I offer couples with a business heart and mindset a coaching that I would have wished for myself on my way. Nevertheless, it is not a prerequisite that you already have a business. If Modern Couples still appeals to you, feel free to book the Discovery Call, and we will find out if the coaching is a good fit for you or for each other. 

In short: love couples that also run a business. – together, or each separate.  

In longer: The coaching is for entrepreneurs and leadership personalities who seek balance and passion in private and business life. I speak of a business heart and mindset when two people are in a relationship, start or run their own or a joint business and are ready to seize the opportunities that arise when love and business are mixed. The partners want to support each other and, at best, also change the world positively as entrepreneurs - and gratefully accept every challenge on their way as an opportunity for growth. 



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