No time for bad relationships.

What kind of relationship do you want?


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What do you really want in your relationship?
Book your free Relationship blueprint Analysis.

every relationship status and Phase is a good moment to invest in your relationship skills:
newly in love and This time You want to get it right
as couple: deepen our love and solve challenges
as individual: invest in your relationship skills
How to gracefully navigate challenging times? learn the art of fighting
find out "should i stay of should I go"

conscious uncoupling, have a coach by your side navigating this emotional time in grace


“Relationships are the currency of the future. It’s time to invest.”

It was an honor to stand on my first TEDx stage! A lot of love and careful crafting went into my talk and I hope it inspires you and many.

Please enjoy and share widely with those who need and benefit from it.

I hope the message resonates with you. Please comment or sent me a message, I love hearing what it sparks.


TEDxBabsonCollege // Marcella Brebaum // Relationships are the currency of the future. Time to invest. // March ’24


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Heal your relationships

Most people invest more into their career skills than into their interpersonal skills!
Do you know your relationship blueprint? It’s time to find out and invest.
Wheather you are in a relationship, or single – every phase is the right time to heal your relationship wounds and let go of old hindering & repetitive patterns. This is your individual growth journey for a deep, intimate and fulfilling love and relationship life.
dive deep. claim your power. embody your authentic self.

Couples Coaching

This is for you if you want to proactively learn with a coach by your side. For  couples who want to grow #strongertogether

Or you feel struggles? This is your safe space with a coach by your side to feel heard, seen and understood – this can make all the difference and turn a dramatic situation into an opportunity for growth and deeper connect.

There is enough drama in this worlds. Let’s find a better path for you.

connect deeper. support eachother. level up.

Heart Space Community

Your place for growth, your gym for relationship matters, love, sexuality, communication, being human, and the systemic view on the areas of life that are influenced by your ability to relate with others.
All to often we try to achieve alone what was meant to be for the community or tribe. Your community space for learning, trying, training and reflecting. I connect with every (future) member personally, to ensure it’s a good fit.
Join us! Your next step to join is to book a discovery call /heart coaching. Here:

Let’s talk about your unique relationship situation. Book your free 20 min Heart Coaching call here.  

the clue

no time for bad relationships

Do you feel like your relationship (or other humans) drain you in energy? Do you feel frustration when interacting with others? Like relationships are hard work? Overwhelm in your romantic relationship? Do you know the feeling of building up walls or the need to distance yourself to protect your heart, energy and time?

Modern Couples stands for a new Zeitgeist in relationships and as such we are on a mission to take out the drama and enable you to create the relationship(s) that fulfill you.

Learn the art of conscious relating and feel more aliveness in everything you do as you fall in love with life.

Let’s start by better understanding your Relationship Blueprint. Book your free Analysis here, to get started.



No dusty approaches to couples therapy. Do you know the frustrating feeling when your therapist, coach or counselor just doesn’t get you, your life and your mindset? Modern Couples stands for a new Zeitgeist, inspired by the spirit of Gen Y-Z, as well as agile methods that always invite experimentation and continuous development. 


A client recently said: I have done years of couples therapy and I dreaded the sessions. Heavy, problem focussed, …not even the therapist looked fulfilled” Can you imagine?

Self-development can be joyful, with ease and grace. What still feels like a problem quickly turns into an opportunity to grow. With Aha-moments, deeper connect, appreciation and lightness of being. 


Relationships are the foundation to everything that we build in life and a significant factor to our happiness, sense of belonging and trust.

Yet, most invest more into their career skills than their relationships. It’s time to invest.



Easy to integrate, even into a busy or demanding lifestyle. – Our coaching takes place online. You can start your coaching journey from anywhere in the world. Learn at your own pace, with self-learning elements in addition to our live calls.


Discover what it is like when love (instead of fear) guides you.

LOVE > fear


Know and express yourself safely with others.

We all walk each other home.


Like an accelorator program for personal development and aliveness.


Get inspired


Sign up to our newsletter and get the first pages to your personalized Modern Couples Relationship Manual.
This is a BETA version with 10 questions to explore your Relationship Blueprint.
My newsletter typically gets send on Mondays. Sometimes, all we need for new ways of relating is a little inspiration. Inspiration to create more depth, more resilience, more liveliness, more trust.
Join here for the “get inspired” newsletter




Relationships are the currency of the future.

It's time to invest.


Every phase of a relationship cycle offers opportunity to reflect, heal and grow. Whether you are freshly in love, or in a long term relationship, in business together, or just one of you and you aim for inspiration, and proactive development. Or maybe you are experiencing a time of frustration and seek support and guidance on a specific topic.

Also individually you go through different phases such as going through a break-up and wanting to heal, grow and stop repeating patterns, or sitting with the question “should I stay or should I go”…

We offer different support for different phases of your relationship.

NOTE to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial couples: the cycle of your business or the phase of your business, typically will have an impact on your love relationship. If you are about to found something, or experience times of transformation and high demand for your time in your business – this is a time when couples and individuals have proactively and reactively sought for support.

There is no checklist 🙂

To me, it describes a mindset and Zeitgeist. Individuals and Couples who question and challenge the status quo, and create their own unique life. They typically resonate with the values: love. purpose.growth.

When I listen to modern couples success stories they showcase the embodiment and expression of the values: love. purpose. growth.

If you have read this far, and you feel like you want to get to know me and modern couples, that’s all we need!

There are 2 different Journeys : individual or as couple.

Step 1: let’s meet in a virtual discovery call

Step 2: If we want to work together, You will receive an offer

Step 3: the coaching journey begins, we have bi-weekly calls, with loooots of content, new experiences and in the end you have “a manual: me in relationships” in your hand

Step 4: new upgraded you in your relationships!

You know your partner best. If you think she/he is open to Modern Couples, then simply show her/him the website and book the free discovery call to find out more. Or if you think she/he might be skeptical, keep in mind that everyone should go into coaching voluntarily. Different speeds and needs are quite normal. We can discuss what your possibilities are in a 1:1 meeting. If you just want to get started for yourself and see or experience how it affects your relationship life, then book a 1:1 Love Wins Coaching. When your significant other notices the positive effects for you, she or he may become curious and want to join in. This is the easiest way to show him or her the incredible potential that can be unlocked through personal development and upgrading relationship skills. 

With Stronger Together, you are approached together as a couple and can best initiate change. But you can also start with the 1:1 Love Wins Coaching. 

Yes, and you can also find out about live events and retreats online.


2024 meet me live – and book your coaching session LIVE at this retreat/festival experience:

  • June: being gathering, Portugal
  • July: Tantra Fest, Germany
  • August: Relationship Skills for Singles Retreat, Bali
  • September: Burning Man USA
  • November: Unaplogetic Retreat, Portugal (tbc)

As humans we are always in relationship. Every status is a great starting point to heal your relationships and/or uplevel your relationship skills.

All our products and coachings are created and targeted for individuals and couples who have or might have a business to consider as well. Love and Business.

That being said, it is not a prerequisite that you have a business. Consider the additional inspiration and new perspectives gained for you. Feel free to book the Discovery Call, and we will find out which offer best supports you in your unique life and if a Modern Couples Coaching is a good fit for you or for each other. 

Ja! Ja.

Wie dir sicherlich aufgefallen ist, benutze ich auch auf deutsch viele englische Begriffe, das bleibt auch so, das ist mein normal. Und natürlich habe ich ein Anliegen, dass du alles verstehst.

Viele meiner Boni oder Arbeitsblätter sind auf english, je nachdem ist deine Anfrage dann der Moment wo ich sie übersetze.

Der online Kurs Recharge ist übrigens 2 sprachig aufgenommen.



Love wins. Always.

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