Breathwork Bundle


consciously releasing stuck emotions

this is a start to a very transformative journey.

Your favorite 4 breathwork journeys & optional 1:1 support.

incl. Intro to Breathwork

incl. differentiation Breathwork & Pranayama

incl. Breathwork Aftercare

The 4 Journeys are:

  • 30 min bodily wisdom
  • gentle release
  • advanced & inspire
  • release & recalibrate

(journey’s might be updated or change in the future)

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Get intimate with your emotions

Release through the power of your breath.

Included are these 4 Journeys .

  • 30 min bodily wisdom
  • 45 min gentle release
  • 45 min advanced & inspire
  • 45 min release & recalibrate

and Intro Videos, ideal to introduce you to my 5D Breathwork Journeys, and to start exploring your inner wisdom.

BONUS: as this is an introductury course, I want to be available for your questions and experiences that come up. Send me a text message via instagram @marcellaannabrebaum for up to 5 questions & answers or if needed a 20 min call/voice support.

A regular Breathwork routine helps you release stuck emotions and feelings. Thereby helping you building trust in your capabilities to be consciously with your emotions, to be able to hold and guide yourself, thereby ultimately empowering you to allow life fully in.

Sometimes the emotions and themes are conscious, most often its the subconscious and your heart that guide you to where you need to be in the somatic breathwork journey.

Somatic Embodiment for you.

Benefits of this bundle:

– you have a selection of curated breathwork journey at your disposal.

– for your routines you can chose what you need today

– as you become familar with the vibe and theme of a journey, you might instantly feel what you need today, that is a benefit of a recording vs. a live session.

I personally have my favorite ‘go to’ breathwork sessions bookmarked on my phone, so that also when I travel I can rely on these: one for gentle release & relaxation, one for heavy release and one open themed/ open for inspiration.

Optional: additional coaching support can be added.

You are advanced? You want more and continue? This is my monthly subscription called “Breath Safari”