#Strongertogether Bundle incl. most-wanted Yearbook for entrepreneurial couples

align business and love life

2 online live coaching sessions and the modern couples self-coaching Yearbook to unlock your inner relationship genius

This includes:

1 Human Design Couples Coaching, approx 75-90 min

Yearbook with self-coaching practices guiding you throughout the year

1 QnA Coaching Session, this is your Integration Call, approx 75-90 min

What is included in your beautifully designed digital e-Workbook:
  • over 100 pages with exercises, inspiration, monthly reflection, quarterly overview and more
  • modern couples frameworks and templates to design your own powerful and inspirational couples visualizations
  • seasonal inspirations, ceremonies and rituals to deepen your love and minimize the love-business time struggles
PLUS a 90 min Couples Coaching session to kick-start your Journey with the Yearbook and set you up for a thriving year ahead

Time and Energy are your most valued resources!

Then this is for you, a yearbook in a self-coaching workbook format, to strengthen your relationship as a couple and to not lose sight of what really matters in life. Be it in your love life and also pursuing dreams individually, as family and as entrepreneurs.

That means that private life and business life are intertwined. And as such a couple, you will experience your own unique challenges and opportunities.
In this yearbook you find support throughout the year to better reflect, plan, act upon and grow on this life journey together and deepen your relationship.

*What is an entrepreneurial love relationship or entrepreneurial couple? You and / or your spouse are running a business together or separate.


All exercises are inspired from ancient wisdom, science and coaching methods from around the world adapted for the unique challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurial couples.

You can start at any time.

Time invest per months approx. 1-2 hours and positive effects anytime

 #strongertogether coaching bundle including the most-wanted Yearbook:

Price in EUR 880,- (netto, VAT might be added depending on the country)

100% satisfaction and if you are not you have a 60 day refund period.

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