lectures and practices – the lover

Your lover represents the moments of awe and rapture, when the ineffable beauty of an experience like watching a sunset, being with an intimate partner or listening to music, sinks into our hearts and cracks us open to a deeper experience of life.

The lover is the poetic imagination that is alive in us all, it is our source of compassion and empathy for others and it’s greatest desire is to transcend into oneness—whether through peak flow states, being moved through great works of art or having our hearts blasted open through moments of deep intimacy.

When we tap into true lover energy we feel connected to deep Eros — to the sensuality and the aliveness of existence. There is an unkinked connection and expression of our desires + capacity to both give + receive support.

The two shadow poles of the lover are the ‘addicted’ lover & the ‘impotent’ lover.

The addicted lover collects experiences (think Paris Hilton or Nicole Ricci in their late teenage years, or great gatsby) but is unable to feel or fully receive any of them. Whilst the impotent lover is out of touch with eros and connection to aliveness (for me this was a time in university, and first jobs – entering the career wheel).

Lover Prompts

When in my life have I felt most connected to Lover energy?

When is lover energy most present in my life today?

Write a letter beginning—”Dear ….. , I am your Lover and this is what I want to say to you ___”

Shadow Prompt

When have either of the two shadow poles of the lover been present in my life?

What gets in the way of my capacity to fully receive love + support?

What stories might I be carrying about my sensuality or capacity to receive joy + pleasure?