Lecture and Journaling

The huntress represents the part of you that takes action out in the world, the aspect that gets sh*t done and sets clear boundaries. The huntress in you speaks truth even when it might rock the boat. As you might imagine she also holds your sense of power, commitment + agency in the world. The two shadow poles of the huntress are the coward (repression) + the aggressor (over-expression)

Huntress / Warrior Prompts 1/ how might you describe your relationship to ambition? (how has this shifted?) 2/ what is your relationship to setting boundaries and saying NO when necessary? 3/ When have you felt most connected to your Huntress? or what have been moments when you acted with true courage? How does that energy feel in your body?

Huntress / Warrior Shadow Explorations 1/ which moments or stories emerge when you feel into times that you didn’t stand up for yourself or what you believe in? 2/ what has your relationship to anger been like? what stories did you learn about anger growing up? 3/ what aspects of your life could use more healthy huntress energy? where might she be getting blocked?