Lecture and Journaling – the witch


Your magician/crone within us is our internal problem solver and creative genius. For many of us left-brained + analytical types the magician archetype is alive and kicking.

This aspect loves an intellectual challenge to dive into and is the force behind business or empire building (think Oprah Winfrey or Beyonce as expressions of this magician energy).

Challenges arise when this aspect dominates and leaves us disconnected from our emotions (the Lover) and our purpose (the King/Queen).

The magician/crone also came up with strategies to keep us safe when we were growing up but many of these no longer serve us in adulthood (for example creating perfectionist tendencies or fear of putting our creative work out into the world).

Your magician/crone also represents your capacity to manifest your authentic desires — to use language to express your creativity and share your deepest gifts with the world.

“my thoughts are manifestations, my words are my spells”

The element of the witch is fire. Fire leading to transformation. The witch can hear her inner voice and truth and faced with opposition she might choose to burn for her truth as she knows that the message and symbolism will set transformational energy free. (Think Jean d’Arc.)

Finally, the Magician “understands the link between the unseen world of the spirits–the Divine World–and the world of human beings and nature.

Journaling questions:

In what ways are you on the path of mastery? Or in what ways are you being ‘initiated into rarefied realms of secret power’?

How do you set aside space and time for healthy introspection? In what ways are you creating the conditions to explore your shadows?

What is your relationship to expressing yourself fully? In what ways might you be holding yourself back?

Shadow Poles

The two shadow poles of the detached crone are The Manipulator and the Denying “Innocent” One. The Manipulator Shadow poses as the Magician in its fullness, teasing would-be initiates with the prospect of learning secrets, but does not give them all their knowledge, whilst the ‘Innocent One’ has all the same desires for power but isn’t willing to put in the work or take on the responsibility that said power, glory, and status requires.

Shadow Journaling

What arises for you reading the above description?

Has there been a time in your life when you’ve expressed either pole of the shadow magician?

In what ways do you hold back from full expression or leaning into your creative gifts?