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This is for couples who like to proactively embrace the seasons energy instead of being played by it. The seasons have an impact on our energy, and the topics surrounding us. Here is what to expect and how to deepen your relationships in a playful way, inspired by the stars.
Ancient wisdom adapted for modern times. We are not predicting the future, but training our muscles of awareness for repeating cycles.

We use the seasonal energies to draft reflective coaching questions and create easy to implement couples rituals for new/full moon and/or date night.

For whom? Couples that are curious to the new and want to feel connected with and supported by nature rather than stress and overwhelm with the energies of the season.
tune in and flow with what is. We specifically target the suggestions for Entrepreneurs, Soulpreneurs and leaders, but you can easily adapt the inspiration for your context.

These are monthly impulses for every season of the year.
You can easily adapt the suggestions to your needs.

How about establishing this seasonal update as your monthly date night and adding a second one to do the magical, seasonal rituals.

Join us in our 12 video series Modern Couples “in love with the stars”.


2x 5D Breathwork Journeys

4x Family Rituals for the seasons

Workbook with coaching questions and summary of the videos