The feminine in relationships // strengthen the feminine while dating


All about the feminine



Babe, this is for you individually! 1:1 bespoke empowerment coaching for the female entrepreneur aiming for a thriving live: from love to business with healed relations and audacious expression.
All about the feminine. Your inner goddess, your inner queen, your inner lover, and all your being – show up with all of you, there is no “too much/ too little” claim your full power. Explore the deepth, the shadows, the essence of your feminine core.
You will reconnect to the juicyness of life. Find out what it means to fully embrace and embody the awakened, conscious feminine! To feel her desires, her passion, her  magic.
This is where the magic happens when you awaken your life essence and when you fully claim your power, let go of old patterns, look at your shadows and do the inner work. This is your individual growth journey for a deep, intimate and fulfilling love and relationship life.
This course is for you as single or in a relationship.
dive deep. claim your power. embody your authentic self.