ThetaHealing (R) * relationship, love and more




Ready to go deeper?

This session is for you to better understand your sub-conscious, the part of your life that is responsible for approx. 90% of your decisions and behaviour!

Dive deep to resolve old patterns and limiting beliefs.

You will be guided into a meditative state where we are able to explore and heal hindering beliefs, patterns and memories in order to create stronger relationships in the now.

Topics, not limited but as example can be:

  • how to open up and build trust
  • issues with parents
  • how to forgive an ex, friends, parents, …
  • strengthen a broken heart
  • se*ual hindering beliefs, nervousness, insecurities, performance anxiety
  • physical manifestations of past experiences
  • and more…

2 sessions of approx 60-90 min

Eng or Ger