The embodied feminine




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Part II of the “from love to business” masterclass series

What is a masterclass in comparison to a coaching Journey?

A masterclass is full of inspirations, teachings, concepts, incl. self-led exercises and embodiments.

It is a great start to a new journey, hearing and feeling concepts and how you react to it. A lot can happen from there. Especially when you allow yourself time to process, contemplate and journal, put ideas to practice.

A Coaching Journey will be your guided healing and embodiment journey. With a focus on guiding you individually. Going deeper into your themes as they arise. The matching masterclass is included in the coaching journey and additional concepts are provided to do the work. e.g. “the feminine in relationships” coaching journey, includes the embodied feminine masterclass.

Its a thought through concept for entrepreneurs and leaders to proactively heal their relationships.



“I thought I bought a 2 hour masterclass with a few boni but the way the masterclass is prepared, it can easily be considered a course. I used the opportunity to watch in chunks and am very grateful for this experience to watch whenever I have a bit of Me-Time at my hand. I struggle with my role as working single mum, where and how can I express my feminine? This course, has opened a door to a new version of me. I am currently experimenting with letting the good girl take a step back more often and letting a bolder version of me express what I really want. Its exciting!”

“At first I had to get used to some of the vocabulary, as I am really new to the world of feminine/masculine and polarity. What I really appreciate, that now after the class I have a deeper understanding, but more particular, after the embodiment practices I feel it in my body.”

“I really liked how she integrates men and invites them to explore the feminine within and around them. I learned a lot about my triggers and patterns, and why I often struggle with others wanting me to decide faster.”

“…already looking forward to the embodied masculine!”

“Marcella has mastered the art of having a healed feminine and masculine energy. For me she is like the queen of polarity, representing the embodied feminine. ”