Grow through what you go through – emotions tracker HD


Support your growth. Your emotions tracker combined with Human Design.


Life is too beautiful, too unique, to let time fly by. Feel all the feels, explore the richness of life.

Understand your emotions and break with patterns that are hindering you.

A powerful tool to improve the relation to yourself!

This tree of your emotions, helps you track your feelings over time, spot patterns and initiate change or increase happiness.

It is a unique tool, as it is combined with your human design type to help you deepen your understanding not only for your emotional world but also improve empathy and compassion that others have a different range of emotions.

As you become better at reading the signs of your emotions, you become better at changing situations instantly as they occur and for the better.

You will notice how it supports your ability to reflect and connect with your emotions, thereby facilitating your individual growth.


For you individually, instructions included.

If you want to dive deeper into your human design chart, book a human design coaching session with Marcella.

This is your emotions tracker for every day.