Conscious relating Masterclass




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This masterclass is for you to create a new depth in your relations. consciously. Yes!

deepen your understanding of what it is that you truly desire in your relations

take action how to heal your relations and create harmony and growth in your love and business life

What to do when you feel stuck? When it’s just not flowing?

Lets break that toxic energy circle and dive into the world of polarity energy.



What is a masterclass in comparison to a coaching Journey?

A masterclass is full of inspirations, teachings, concepts, incl. self-led exercises and embodiments.

It is a great start to a new journey, hearing and feeling concepts and how you react to it. A lot can happen from there. Especially when you allow yourself time to process, contemplate and journal, put ideas to practice.

A Coaching Journey will be your guided healing and embodiment journey. With a focus on guiding you individually. Going deeper into your themes as they arise. The matching masterclass is included in the coaching journey and additional concepts are provided to do the work. e.g. “the modern couples” coaching journey, includes the conscious relating masterclass.

Its a thought through concept for entrepreneurs and leaders to proactively heal their relationships.



“Liebe Marcella, ich habe mit Deiner Conscious Relating Masterclass begonnen – und bin noch mittendrin. Ich danke Dir für Deine bisherigen Impulse, sie berühren mein Herz & bringen mich zum Nachdenken✨🙏🏻✨”

“I got many new impulses and first thing tomorrow, I will redecorate my workspace. I am looking forward to look at my surroundings with new lenses on.”

“Hi Marcella, wir haben uns die Class zusammen angeguckt und wollen mehr mit und von dir lernen, du sprichst unsere Sprache.”

“I love your vibe, the energy and confidence.”

“Yes, this is me and my partner, we felt so well understood. ”