Improving mood

Create a playlist, a go to playlist, that helps you shift your mood.


Curate playlists, or go to music albus for different moods.

Rather than shifting energies, this is to help you feel your feels, maybe dance and express your feelings, really letting them move you: e-motion.


You can also deepen an experience, think about the atmosphere you want to create. Music can be an important element for this.

I have playlist for focus, sadness, heart-break, rage and anger, feeling happy, feeling confident, expressing my feminine, expressing my masculine, …

I also have playlists for sensual/ tantric evenigs, dinner parties, wine evenings, …

And I share with you my morning manifestation playlist, you can create one with mantras you want to hear.

Healing with music

Have you heard of binaural sounds? Or music in a specific Hz frequency? They support your mind, as well as your body's cells. They can help you focus, heal or fall asleep.
You can find these sounds on youtube, on spotify, or also buy albums.

Tipp: if there is tension at home, or someone is feeling stress, illness, very emotional, experiment with one of these playlists.

Tipp: if you have pain in your body, you can place your hand there, close your eyes and “hum” for as long as it feels good, consider this an active meditation, between 5-20 min. Stay with your focus on that area, sending the hum vibrations there, add movement if your body wants to.

Relationships & Music

In ancient times, tribes had music integrated into their life, their day to day, their spiritual practice and their relationship building.
Comming together to dance & sing. While we do this for recreational purpose mostly, they actually understood and felt their bodies and hearts react to music.
Benefits of singing together: strengthening bonds, clearing the air after arguments, calming destructive emotions, emotional release.
In your family, with your partner, with yourself, with your community, try to sing together as often as you can.


look for a singing cicle in your neighborhood, a kirtan, or a choir. Ask your yoga studio if they know of an event. And go with an open mind. Check in with yourself, how you feel afterwards – its not about singing right or wrong. Even if you just listened, you will feel a difference.


My favorites:

– twice a year in Michaelskirche Munich “Nacht der spirituellen Gesänge”

Philipp Stegmüller

– Bali offers frequent kirtans in Ubud, Canggu, Uluwatu, Seseh

– Lisbon, Ericeira, too.


Advanced sound experiences

– next level experiment: voice activation singing classes or sound quests
– awaken your souls expression: overtone chanting.